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Thread: center port intake manifold 1957 ford retractable 312

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    Question center port intake manifold 1957 ford retractable 312

    the center port gets so hot it burns the paint off --it reachs 275 degrees is that safe--I wired the buterfly open on the exhaust that help a little any sujestion and is that normal to get that hot.

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    Yes it normal for it to get that hot, you can block off the cross over on the intake manifold to prevent that from happening.
    I Googled it and there are several ways you can do it, I have both a 57 Thunderbird & Skyliner that have burned off paint & if ever get around to repainting the blocks that is what I'm going to do.

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    Gaskets are sold with a smaller hole or you can put a piece of thin sheet stainless steel between the gaskets and the heads to block the heat off.


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