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Thread: Looking for a water pump or rebuild kit...

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    Looking for a water pump or rebuild kit...

    For our 59 Skyliner. Our original is an 8505, dated "8BX." I guess that is Feb 1958, but I don't know what the "X" stands for. I cannot find a rebuild kit anywhere. Thanks for any help or information. John

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    There are a few folks listed in Hemmings that rebuild waterpumps.


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    Hello, I am in the process of restoring a 1958 Skyliner500. Can someone please confirm my engine specs and tell me what colors it should be painted for a factory correct restoration as they seem to vary with ci displacement.
    Intake casting number 5750034 with a date code 7OK=October 11,1957?
    Exhaust manifolds EDC 9430 7OZ=October 26,1957? and 9431 7OH=October 8, 1957?
    Head EDC E 6090 7OH=October 8, 1957? with faint stamped numbers that could be 076 or 016 or 013 with a J
    Block EDC 6015 C 7O H=October 8, 1957?
    I did not see any indication or casting of a 352 on the front but there are "stamped numbers" on a smooth part of the block that read 1-70k7 (Cleveland 1957-October 11, 1957?) and below that is 65935
    Is it possible this is a 352 without those casting numbers as some research suggest "nearly all" had them. My vin is H8RW103058.
    Or am I totally off base with the year?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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