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Thread: Nick Keilenís Operation and Maintenance Videos

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    Post Nick Keilenís Operation and Maintenance Videos

    This is going to be a rather long post so please bear with me. Over 20 years ago I purchased a set of 4 VHS tapes dealing with the operation, maintenance, and repair of the Ford 51A Skyliner top mechanism. Five or ten years ago, I found them and converted them to digital and placed them on to a flash drive before my VHS became extinct. I used the videos to assist in replacing all 18 bushings on my 59 top mechanism and it was a big help. I thought that it would be a great idea to distribute the videos if and only if I could get permission from the producer.

    His name was Nick Keilen and unfortunately he passed away last year. However, I was able to contact Nickís wife and son and they both have graciously provided me written permission to distribute the videos to anyone, anywhere as a remembrance of Nickís love of his 1957 Skyliner.
    They are not a glitsy Hollywood production and sometimes the background music can grate on you, but the technology is pure in trying to assist you in maintaining the top in proper working order. It is not a substitue to the 1957 Ford Retractable Hardtop Shop Manual but as an adjunct to the shop manual. They total about 4 hours of instructions and hints. The first video is more of an introduction to the top mechanism and the other three get into the details of their operation.

    Here are the links. I would suggest that you download the files and put them on a USB3 flash drive for future use off-line and bookmark these links for future reference.

    I never met Nick, but I think it is cool that his family is sharing his love of the Skyliner with all of us.
    Watch in full screen Ö. Enjoy

    VOLUME #1

    VOLUME #2

    VOLUME #3

    VOLUME #4

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    WOW! This is a fantastic reference.
    Thank you for posting this and many thanks to the Keilen family for allowing access to these videos.

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    He must have spent an enormous amount of time filming and editing these videos. They are very well done. Thank you for posting them.

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    Thanks for posting and thanks to the Keilen family for allowing this wonderful and informative material to become available to all.
    It will definitely help with keeping our cars functioning as they should

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    Very detailed and interesting for a Newbee like me! Thank you!

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    Great Operation and Repair Videos

    These are fantastic video explanations of the operation, repair & troubleshooting of the Retractable system. I just purchased a 57 Skyliner and will be using these videos quite a bit in the future, but they provide a great education on the operation & repair.

    Thanks for going to the work to post these videos.

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