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Thread: Mecum Auctions

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    Mecum Auctions

    I noticed 8 or 9 Skyliners on the Kansas City Auction. I was told they were Rudy's.
    Now I see several more on the Kissimmee Auction. Terry of Miller's told me they are Rudy's. Mecum's has them as a Featured Lot. 28 cars.
    The auction is from January 5 thru the 14th with 3000 cars.
    It will be interesting to see what happens.
    I'll try to attach a pdf of a list I made of them.
    I don't guarantee the accuracy of the list.
    Let me know if you are bidding on any.
    I am not going to bid on any of them.
    List also has some other cars I want to watch.
    Mecum Kissimee 2017.pdf

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    Thanks. I watch the big auctions when they are televised. Seems like I always manage to miss the stuff I'm really interested in...Skyliners...'50s Fords in general.
    It would be nice to know when they're coming up in advance.

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