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    I can not open trunk lid on me 1959 skyliner can somone send me mail on ford@centrum.is what possible I can do? reg. Heimir member skyliner club

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    You can manually engage the solenoid behind the back seat but if that doesn't unscrew the trunk lid locks then you can go under the fender above the rear tire and remove the hex head bolt. This will release the trunk lock mechanisms and the trunk lid can be lifted slightly. You will want to try to manually engage the solenoid to run the trunk lid motor to raise it. If that doesn't work you can remove the pins at the rear deck lid screw jacks and the trunk lid will be released. But first you must unlock it with the screws and then you will need to deal with the screw jacks at the rear. Unfortunately, the bolts above the rear tires can get rusty and the nut in the retainer side is basically just a cage nut held in place by sheet metal. So if it is seized then you may have to cut off or torch the bolt head to get it to release.

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