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Thread: Wayne R Rollins Recovering

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    Wayne R Rollins Recovering

    Over the years many of us have relied on Wayne R Rollins for parts, advice and to fix our retractable tops on our Skyliners. Infact, there are 15 different threads referencing him on this site alone. Recently Wayne underwent major surgery and is recovering. Letís all send this kind and helpful car mate of ours a get well card to cheer him up and get him back on his feet. Hereís his address:
    Wayne R. Rollins 5542 Evergreen Farms Lane Greenback, TN 37742 Posted 10/9/2017.

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    Excellent idea! I will be picking up and mailing a card tomorrow.

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    I spoke to Wayne yesterday and he is recovering and in good spirits. He's very appreciative of all the calls and cards he has received.

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