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Thread: In a 59' had transmission rebuilt and now top does go down, trunk does open

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    In a 59' had transmission rebuilt and now top does go down, trunk does open

    Is the safety switch lock out just on the shifter, or is there something that was on the transmission itself that I need to hook back up? Of course the car was parked for 4 years while I rebuilt the drivetrain, so I could have mouse damage, loose wires or other issues. Also what is the best replacement dash switch for the top? Mine is just a stub..... THANKS!

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    The Neutral switch that allowed the top to operate was located on the steering column under the dash. The vehicle had to be in neutral for the top to work. Mine had already been bypassed so as long as my ignition switch is on or on accessory then my top will work. I don't like having to put it in neutral to operate the top so I never reconnected mine. Keep in mind that there is a Gearshift Switch near the bottom of the steering column above the steering gearbox. This gearshift switch requires that the car be in "Park" before you can start it. It also closes the circuit to allow back-up lights to operate when the car is in reverse (assuming your headlight switch is on). There was nothing on the transmission as far as the neutral or safety switches that is seen on some vehicles.

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    Top Safety Switch.png

    Here is a photo of the neutral switch that mounts on the steering column to allow the top switch to actuate the top.

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    The top switch knob you asked about can be found here: http://www.ptovintageauto.com/ford.html

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    Here is the Neutral switch photo from the 59 Shop ManualNeutral Switch.png

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