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Thread: Temperature Gauge

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    Temperature Gauge

    Where is the needle supposed to be on a 59 temperature gauge at full normal operating temperature? Should it be dead center or around 3/4 towards Hot? Also, are there different sending units that measure differently or are all single terminal temp senders interchangeable?

    I ask because I installed an NOS temp gauge (because it has a good non-rusty face) and it shows hotter than my old gauge did. I'm running a 180 degree thermostat. Doesn't seem to overheat, but the NOS gauge just shows the needle farther over than the old gauge.

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    The 180 thermostat is a good choice. I have had different temperature gauges installed and they read differently. If it is showing center to above center that is good. All the gauges are interchangeable. Ron B

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    Mine runs at 3/4 on a normal day. I run a 180 Thermostat with a couple of small holes drilled through it. I have checked it vs. the infrared thermometer and even though it looks high on the gauge its right numbers wise on the thermometer. I have had three gauges and three senders over the last 12 years and all three gauges have read different.

    Best advice is to double check with an infrared thermometer and compare to the gauge so you have a good idea where your really at and if your in trouble when it gets near H or not.
    Good luck

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